Jennifer Lopez Rumors: Actress-Singer is Terrible at the Salons and Parlors


There is no doubt that Jennifer Lopez is a great superstar. However, this status have always surrounded her with drastic rumors in her life.

Jennifer Lopez’s costly Beauty Routine

Last year, a source claimed that Jennifer Lopez almost spent over $15000 a day on her stylist, makeup artist and trainers. The source claimed that the star distributed fortune to several people to fulfill her diva demands.

The so- called insider claimed that the star also had a full time massage therapist. Everyone is aware about the fact that Jennifer is known in the industry for her beauty and toned body, but to meet her standards one has to work out vigorously.

Was Jennifer on a special juice?

Earlier this year, a source a busted the claim that Jennifer Lopez is on steroids, the tabloid claimed that singer’s inner circle was astonished on seeing her massive biceps.

As mentioned above, Lopez is taking her workout and diet very seriously, so she looks very fit.A reputed source busted this rumors.

Jennifer can’t speak Spanish?

A couple of days later, the source busted a report that claimed that the star was taking Spanish lessons. Lopez is Puerto Rican, therefore this claim meant absolute bogus.

A source added,

She is one of the biggest latin stars in the world and is currently promoting Hustlers on Spanish-speaking talk shows, yet her command of language stinks.

Earlier, Lopez admitted that she was not born in Puerto Rico. But, this does not meant her command of the language stunk. It’s not the first time, the sources have made fake claims about the star.

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