Jeon Mi Sun, the famous South-Korean actress commits suicide

Jeon Mi Sun, the famous South-Korean actress committed suicide

Life is ephemeral yet we cling onto it till our very last breath. Each time a loved one is snatched away by death we cry, not because it will change the fate but because it tells how big a part of our life that person was, is and will remain. Jeon Mi Sun’s has left her earthly abode.

South Korean actress Jeon Mi Sun dead

Jeon Mi Sun, the famous South-Korean actress committed suicide

Jeon Mi Sun is no more!!!
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The shallow yet enchanting lifestyle of celebrities often succeed in saturating them with stardom but it fails to provide the elixir of life: Joy. The grips of depression which has haunted the South Korean Actress finally succeeded in taking her life.

Jeon Mi Sun, the famous South Korean actress died on 29th June, in a hotel in Jeonju. The 48 years old actress was suffering from depression and was receiving treatment for the same. She is suspected to have committed suicide as her body was found hanging in a hotel room.

The mishappening was discovered by her acquaintance who was living nearby. They investigated her sudden unresponsive behaviour and found out about her death. The person on sight was vigilant and called the police as well as paramedics immediately.

However, no amount of efforts could have saved her. She was dead much before any of them could have imagined that such a thing was going to happen. She was found hanging to her hotel room. Well, this incident definitely raises the question of how hard can life be??

Family and friends shocked

Jeon Mi Sun, the famous South-Korean actress committed suicide

Jeon Mi Sun was is suspected to have committed suicide
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The label attached to the South Korean actress, Boas Entertainment announced the news of her sudden demise. It released a press statement saying

We have come with the most unfortunate news. The beloved actress Jeon Mi Sun has recently passed away. She was under medication for treatment for depression.

However, today we are here with a sad news. We ask for your, her fans and Korean’s condolences for her demise. We further ask media and individual sources to refrain from reporting rumors and speculation, that remains unconfirmed. 

The actress garnered much fame after her lead role in the film Love Is A Crazy Thing. The film was released in 2005 and it plays a great role in the life of Jeon Mi Sun. In the year 2013, she received the Korean Culture and Entertainment Award for her role in Hide and Seek.

All we can do now is hope and pray that her soul may rest in peace. Condolence to Jeon Mi Sun’s family members, friends and well-wishers.

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