Twitter handle of Jessica Alba HACKED! Hacker seemed to have a lot of fun though

Jessica Alba Twitter Account Hacked

Jessica Alba is probably the most controversial actress in Hollywood. And she’s in the headlines again because of her latest tweets. What’s up with the racist comments and remarks on twitter all day yesterday? Why would she say things like that is what everyone was wondering. It turns out, Jessica Alba’s Twitter Account was hacked on Sunday morning.

Jessica Alba's Twitter handle got HACKED!

What went wrong with Jessica Alba’s Twitter account?

The hacker posted several racist and hateful statements and comments. All of these racist comments alarmed her fans, and they knew in a minute that this wasn’t Jessica Alba. The first tweet posted from Alba’s Twitter account by the hacker was

“Nazi Germany Did Nothing Wrong, And That’s On God N****.”Jessica Alba's Twitter handle got HACKED!

The 38-year-old businesswoman usually posts about things going on with her life. She posts about her billion-dollar brand The Honest Company. She also posts about her acting projects, personal occasions like birthdays and anniversaries and thing like that. So her followers knew instantly, when they saw all these tweets, that it wasn’t Jessica Alba.

Jessica Alba fans come to her rescue

The loyal fans tried to alarm Jessica as soon as they realized what was going on. They flooded her timeline with tweets trying to alert her about the same. No one could believe that there are still people out there, like this hacker, who can say such things. It’s not just problematic but also mostly hurtful.

Many people thought that it was very stupid of the hacker to do this to Jessica Alba. She is known as someone who minds her own business. And moreover, everyone figured it out real quick. The whole purpose of the hack was defeated then.

So we can safely conclude that the hacker was not just a racist and hateful person. They were also pretty stupid, and we wish they get their brains back soon.

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