Jessica Jones Season 3 Teaser out now,


The popular Netflix series Jessica Jones season 3 is coming in June. Lead actor Krysten Ritter has released the very first promotional video of the season and fans are getting excited.

On the other hand, the fans of the Marvel Universe have also been making efforts to understand and predict what the ending might be like. Shows like Daredevil, Luke Cage and The Punishes have been cancelled in the past few months. Fans are outraged and unhappy.

Jessica Jones Season 3 Teaser out now, premiering on Netflix in June

A glimpse from the teaser. Source: Tv Web

Jessica Jones Season 3: What’s in the Teaser?

The teaser which features just Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones in it is nothing much of a reveal. We just see Jessica sitting at a bar and crushing a small shot glass with her bare hands and angry face. No other detail is provided in the teaser, it just ends like that.

Kyrsten did write a message below that Jessica Jones Season 3 is coming soon. As we know, Netflix isn’t doing any sort of promotions for Jessica Jones Season 3.

There is no date of the official release available yet, but we anticipate it to come out soon. Even the month of release was revealed through the promo of releases to come in June on Netflix.


Marvel’s Jessica Jones. Source: Gameradar

When will it actually release?

There hasn’t been any official announcement in regards to the release date of Jessica Jones Season 3. But, we know that the promo on Netflix covers only the first fifteen days of the month. So, we will probably get to see the show in the first two weeks of June.

Although, there still hasn’t been a trailer for the audience yet. So, we believe that the 2nd week of June is a more viable date for the release of the show. It’s the final show of Marvel on Netflix. It is a very big thing that the partnership is coming to an end because it was very successful when the shows were up and running.

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