John Carpenters Horrors with Joker Insanity?

John Carpenters Horrors with Joker Insanity?

Legendary Horror filmmaker and screenwriter John Carpenter will write a comic issue for DC comics. And guess what? The main character to be penned down is another Legend ‘, Joker’.

John’s comic will be named The Joker: Year of the Villain #1, and it will be included in DC comic universe. This comic will be a part of the event name ‘Year of the Villain’. This event is held every year by DC comics, in which the smartest man on Earth (DC comicverse) and the arch-nemesis of Superman holds an event.

John Carpenters Horrors with Jokers Insanity?

In this event held by ‘Lex Luthor’, he tries to give an offer which can’t be refused. This offer is given to both heroes and villains. Previous ‘Year of the Villain’ included The legion of Doom too with Lex Luther. Also, the evil intentions of Lex are not limited to Earth as he took this message all around the universe.

Well, to fit Joker in his rooster, Lex will need a more ‘Insane’ offer. However, Joker has his plans for Gotham. It is to see who tricks whom. The clown prince of Gotham or the Smartest man in the face of Earth.

John Carpenters Horrors with Jokers Insanity?

The Joker will be penned down by John and Anthony Burch. Burch’s other works include the famous ‘Borderlands 2’. John was interviewed on this achievement. He commented,

“The Joker is the greatest villain in comics, I’m proud to be reunited with Anthony on this project.”

John has already worked on some pretty awesome movies before, some of them are, The Fog, The Thing and Halloween. Some of his work was also rebooted later.


This year is ‘Jokers Year’

This year is already filled with Joker’s news now and then. With the Joaquin, Pheonix starred ‘Joker’ to release in October and the season 5 of ‘Gotham’ which ended previously this year. Also, with ‘The Batman Who Laughs’ is currently the best villain DC comics have.


Joker: Year of the Villains first issue will also release this year in October itself. This October will be a big month for DC. Moreover, Marc Deering and Phillip Tan will watch over the art for these issues.

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