John Krasinski looks like Reed Richards in Marvel Comics

John Krasinski looks like Reed Richards in Marvel Comics

John Krasinski, the lead actor from Quiet place has been fan cast as Mr Fantastic, since the last decades, where Marvel Comics and movies are a big money vending franchise. The fan base has increased over the period. This is to say, fans regularly update new illustration and designs.

John Krasinski looks like Reed Richards in Marvel Comics

John Krasinski as Professor reed Richards
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Marvel Comics: Why not Krasinski?

Reed Richards aka Mr Fantastic got inspiration from the Hollywood actor John Krasinski. However, MCU takes inspiration from actors so, this can be a clue to the next big thing.

The internet has gone mad over the comparison of Krasinski and Mr Fantastic. Importantly, Russell and Marvel comics have not confirmed or denied a similar act. As for now, we can expect Fantastic four and X-Men in the Marvel universe.

In addition, Krasinski was later rejected for playing Captain America for Marvel. The rendition of Krasinski playing as Reed Richard where his face is round than the angular depiction. Noticeably, his nose is the real deal to get a path into the MCU later. Meanwhile, fans want redemption for John to play Mr Fantastic.

Some think it’s pure speculation to get Reed Richards as one of the helping hand for Hulk. Director Joe Russo affirmed there are a lot of brilliant character in Marvel world who could help the Hulk.

John Krasinski looks like Reed Richards in Marvel Comics

Fantastic- four

Will he join MCU in future?

In the end, we can only say the illustration looks pretty repaired for Krasinski. The existing character can be an amended with theory or an inspiration. Further, taking the facts into consideration it can be more than the normal speculation.

What do think of Krasinski for playing the character of Professor Reed Richards in Marvel phase 4? Or even the Fantastic 4 joins the Marvel universe in later times?

Previously, the Fantastic 4 movie was released in 2015 based on Marvel comics. The critic responses were not so good but the characters seemed to be very enthusiastic. Whereas, John Krasinski has made a great fan base for his movies like The Quiet Place and The Office.

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