John Wick Chapter 3 – Parabellum, Making new Records for Violent Movies

John Wick Chapter 3 - Parabellum, Making new Records for Violent Movies

John Wick Chapter 3 – Parabellum, is making new records for violent movies. The John Wick franchise has been killing it with its action sequels and profound hotness of Keanu Reeves. The best part about the movie is that it has been true to its nature and name. John Wick 3 contains extremes violence and profanity.

So clearly, John Wick Chapter 3 – Parabellum isn’t for the faint-hearted! If you cry over a person’s break up then you better take a tub with you because you are going to cry rivers when Keanu Reeves smashes people in spurts of blood. The movie has managed to beat Avengers Endgames on the second position and this enough to tell you what you’d miss out on if you don’t watch it.

John Wick 4 is soon to enter the cinemas

The release of John Wick 3 marked the start of the 4th Chapter
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John Wick Chapter 3: The Review and Ratings

John Wick hit the theatres and a lot of madmen on his way! You get the pun I made there? Anyway, the movie has been rated 88% on Rotten Tomatoes, 8.2/10 by IMDb and 74% by Metacritic.

So, overall John Wick Chapter 3 qualifies to be a must watch. With Keanu Reeves smashing posh gangsters with his fighting skills the movie has been loved by 95% of the Google users.

The after movie interviews have witnessed people coming out of theatres completely blown.

John Wick 4 is soon to enter the cinemas

John Wick 3 beats Avengers Endgame
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The Synopsis

John Wick Chapter 3 literally depicts a scenario where a stunt man becomes the director and does not fail at both of his jobs. The movie escalates a story of a man who kills a bigshot and now there is a price on his deadhead.

John Wick (Keanu Reeves) kills a member of the High Table and now is on a flee in order to save his life. This makes him the target of the ruthless serial killers on the strange streets of New York.

John Wick also has a price of $14 million on his head and he has to do his best in order to stay alive.

Judgment with English audio will release on July 18 in Japan

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