Julia Roberts, Danny Moder Divorce Rumors: Actress to undergo Plastic Surgery for saving Marriage?


Recently, reports claimed that Julia Roberts was ending her marriage, but she had a change of heart.

Is Julia Roberts dating Owen Wilson?

During the shooting of the movie, Wilson noted that Roberts was lost and drained up. He made all efforts to calm her.

The source said,

Julia has been confiding in Owen about her troubles with Danny. He’s a great listener. Until she figures out her situation at home, Owen will keep some healthy distance.

Problems in Julia and Danny relationship

The source claimed that Danny found out about her wife’s relationship with Wilson, and he was very upset after knowing it. The pair claimed that they have ended their fights.

The source said,

Julia wanted Danny to cut back on his work and be the primary caregiver for the kids, and he did. But that’s not something that comes easy to any man. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s carried a lot of resentment over that.

Busting the rumors of Julia going under plastic surgery to save her marriage

Another source claimed that Julia decided to fix their marital problems instead of filing for divorce. A tabloid claimed that the actress realized the importance of their relationship.

Sources claimed that actress had breast implants to spice her relationship with Danny Moder, she went from a C to a double D.

However, Roberts have not said a single word about getting surgeries and if she does, is entirely her business.

A reputed Source busted the plastic surgery rumor and claimed that it never happened. One should not blindly believe the tabloid. Julia and Moder aren’t also having problems in their relationship.

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