Julia Roberts, Danny Moder Divorce Rumors: Marriage Issues over working with other Actors?

Julia Roberts with husband Daniel Moder and kids

Is Julia Roberts having problems with her marriage? Does husband get jealous of her friendliness with fellow actors?

Rumour has it that Pretty Woman actress Julia Roberts is facing issues with husband due to other men in her life. Roberts met her now-husband Danny Moder on the set of The Mexican. Moder was a cameraman on the crew of the movie. They have three children together.

Insecurities could crop up probably because Moder isn’t an actor. And he has to see her meeting up and spending time with actors all the time. The Geek Herald has compiled a list of 4 significant men, who are allegedly causing issues between Roberts and Moder.

1. Matthew McConaughey:

Fast Times at Ridgemont High’s much anticipated star-studded table read was going to take place on August 21. McConaughey and Roberts were supposedly getting a little flirty at the event. And that made Moder jealous.

The table read, however, ended up getting delayed. Hence, there is no way that Julia’s husband would be envious of some incident that didn’t even occur in the first place.

2. Denzel Washington:

Washington and Julia Roberts will reunite after 27 years to star together in a new drama for Netflix. The two actors, who previously worked together in an adaptation of John Grisham’s legal thriller The Pelican Brief, have both signed on to Leave the World Behind.

Apparently, Moder felt nervous about this because of the interesting history between Washington and Roberts. Both Roberts and Washington have been happily married to their respective spouses for quite a long time now, so this piece of news is unbelievable.

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3. George Clooney:

Allegedly Clooney had issues with Amal and he turned to Julia for support. And reportedly Roberts also dreamt of George as ‘the one who got away’. So Moder would definitely feel threatened with such developments. But neither Clooney nor Roberts have any such feelings towards each other.

Julia Roberts and George Clooney have just been really good friends since starring in Ocean’s Eleven together.

4. Leonardo DiCaprio:

An argument ensued between the married couple as a result of Roberts being photographed with DiCaprio at a charity gala. Julia apparently seemed smitten by Leo. This exchange of verbal tirade supposedly happened on their drive back home. So its highly unlikely anyone would have heard it take place, let alone seen it occur.

Trustworthy sources indicated that Roberts and Moder “were sweetly inseparable” at the gala. After nearly twenty years of marriage, Roberts and Moder look as in love as ever.

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