Justice for Caitlyn: Animal Abuser will Spend 15 Years in Prison


Exactly three years before, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix name Caitlyn was tortured by the hands of a diabolical human. The animal abuser is not only morally wrong but even legally wrong.

Caitlyn and the Animal Abuser in 2015?

She was found in a terrible condition in Charleston, South Carolina. Her real owner was a drug dealer and he was completely fed up of her. Eventually, he decided to give her away to 45-year-old William Leonard Dodson. One day, he got tired of her barking daily.

The next thing he did to her was very brutal. He left her in chains and tapped her mouth. Along with that, he left her outside the house for more than 36 hours. This amounts to animal abuse in a legal course.

Justice For Caitlyn: Animal Abuser Will Spend 15 Years In Prison

How she ended up in Charleston Animal Society?

Somehow, she managed to escape the chain and the abuse. She was roaming on the streets until someone found her. The authorities found an electrical tape tied to her snout. Similarly, they found a piece of it by the crate at Dodson’s house. On the other hand, Dodson was sent to jail for 15 years.

Later on, she was taken to the Animal home. The tape was removed and she received countless surgeries. Unfortunately, the doctors were unable to fix the scar on her mouth. After her recovery, she was sent to live with a foster home. Finally, she got a loving family who adopted her.

Today, Caitlyn has become an inspiration to the people. Despite all the sufferings, she is still a lovely dog. She loves to meet new people and dogs daily. Apart from that, she also loves to go on a long walk to parks, beaches and her favourite thing to do is playing with a ball and running.

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