Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin Rumours: Effect On Couple’s Marriage Following Carl Lentz Cheating Scandal

Justin Bieber Hailey Baldwin

Justin Bieber and model Hailey Baldwin are in news day in day out about issues in their marriage. This time the couple’s marriage is said to be in trouble after Hillsong’s pastor Carl Lentz recently got involved in a cheating scandal.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin just celebrated their second wedding anniversary in September. And yet, rumour has it that they are already in a serious crisis with regard to their marriage.

Justin and Hailey

Justin Bieber Has A Troubled Marriage?

If gossip columns are to be believed, the couple’s marriage has been rocked by the cheating scandal. But the cheating mentioned in these stories is not directly connected to the young couple. Instead, it is with regards to their pastor Carl Lentz, who is known to be really close to the Canadian pop superstar.

Lentz recently confessed to cheating on his wife. The news was said to have shocked both Justin and Hailey. It is now evident that their pastor is not the person he posed to be. He is a preacher and followed by those who attend the Hillsong church after all. He could have set a better example.

It was reported that Justin and Hailey immediately cut all their contact with the pastor. They were deeply disappointed with his action. The pair started to cut their ties with Lentz by first unfollowing him on their social media.

Apparently, for what Lentz did, the Bieber lost their trust in him. This development allegedly left Justin vulnerable since he is known to seek advice from this pastor. And he always follows his words too. Additionally, Hailey reportedly once said that the Hillsong church means everything for her and her husband.

Carl Lentz Justin Bieber

Unnecessary Connections

Clearly, it is not true that the pair is facing marital issues as mentioned in gossip columns. The pair is not involved in any cheating scandal. Rumours have been misleading as always. The couple is doing as happy and in love as ever.

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