Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin Rumours: Model Walks Out After Learning Of Singer’s Fling With Tiffany Trump?

Justini Bieber, Hailey Baldwin

Justin Bieber is reportedly in trouble with his wife. Last year, he faced flak from Hailey Baldwin after she discovered about his alleged fling with Tiffany Trump. The 24-year-old model apparently always tried to turn a blind eye to her husband’s bad boy behavior. But when she discovered about his link to Donald Trump’s fourth child, she couldn’t stand it any longer.

Justin Bieber Still Has Hots For Tiffany Trump?

It was reported that Hailey walked out on Justin Bieber after learning he hooked up with Tiffany. Even though the supposed secret fling happened years ago, it really upset the model. It was too much to handle as she can’t get over the fact that she did not know about this beforehand.

Justin Bieber Wife

Supposedly, a tiny part of Hailey thinks he still got a thing for Tiffany as he always wants to attend her parties. Especially, Tiffany’s Fourth of July party last year. Fortunately, it was also said that Justin and Hailey were able to patch things up and it was all thanks to their pastor who helped them reconcile.

However, Bieber’s romance with Tiffany was cut short after Donald Trump learned about it. It was said to be so devastating for Tiffany because she’s had a massive crush on the Love Yourself singer since she was 13 and she considers him as her “one that got away.”

Tiffany Trump

The Actual Truth About The Whole Story

The truth is that there is no truth to this report. Hailey never stormed out after learning about this pseudo fling with Donald Trump’s daughter. As a matter of fact, Justin and Hailey never attended Tiffany’s Fourth of July party in 2019 and that alone is proof that this is a bogus report.

Additionally, Tiffany only happened to be at a party that the couple attended. And she was with her friends at that time. Tiff and Justin are not connected in any way. Not even as friends.

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