Kaley Cuoco, Karl Cook Split Rumours: “The Big Bang Theory” Star Having Troubled Marriage Over Kids?

Kaley Cuoco husband

Kaley Cuoco moved in with her equestrian husband, Karl Cook, around April this year. Just as coronavirus quarantines started to get into full swing, the married couple began a new journey of their lives. But latest rumours are that there’s trouble brewing between the two over the idea of having kids.

Kaley Cuoco husband

Trouble In Paradise?

Apparently, the two were “feeling cramped in quarantine”. And that had Cuoco seriously thinking about her future family. It is being said that Cuoco wants to be sure she can spend the rest of her life with Karl. And also that she fears having a kid now may be more than they can handle.

The two had been living separately for two years following their 2018 marriage. Therefore, the couple seem to be clashing in coronavirus confinement after they finally moved into their home together. It was also reported that all of their friends seem to have kids or are starting families. But the pair just wants to enjoy each other for a while before they turn the dynamic upside down with a baby.

The Truth About Kaley Cuoco And Karl Cook’s Marriage

Kaley Cuoco isn’t struggling with whether or not she loves Cook enough to spend the rest of her life with him or whether or not she could have kids with him. Obviously, she knew the answers to those questions when she married him two years ago. She told Entertainment Tonight when she was asked about children shortly after the wedding–

“I’m not quite there yet but I know that I will be ’cause I love kids. But I’m a worker bee right now – kind of my career is my focus and my husband. But, we love kids and we love animals so we’re meant to have children.”

The two did live in their own places, but they both chose to do so while they were building their dream home. Moreover, COVID-19 accelerated their plans. However, looking at their absurdly gorgeous home, one cannot argue that they made the wrong choice. To merely say that they stayed apart for two years is misleading at best.

She’s in no rush to put her career on hold. It’s an inherently personal decision, but it’s not one hinging on whether or not she actually cares for her spouse because of made-up fights. Considering how all-out Cook went for her recent birthday, things look better than ever for the couple. Additionally, they seem to be taking great care of their multitudes of four-legged children.

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