Super Junior Kangin officially quits the group amid tension and controversy

Kangin officially leaves the Super Junior after 14 years of togetherness

Sometimes the best thing one could do is leave when you feel left behind and a burden on others. Looks like Kangin is doing the same by leaving behind his 14 years of connection with Super Junior. Yes, you guessed it right the famous K-Pop singer is going to exit from the boy-group. It is now official!!

Why is Kangin is leaving Super Junior?

Kangin is one of the original 12 members who founded Super Junior in the year 2005. However, it looks like their time-together is now up for Kangin has made an official-post about leaving the group. The K-Pop singer took to Instagram on Thursday to announce the crucial news.

Kangin officially leaves the Super Junior after 14 years of togetherness

K-Pop boy band Super Junior
Source: Super Junior Wiki-Fandom

After some drinking-and-driving convictions accompanied by a broil at a drinking establishment in 2017 Kangin was on a hiatus. His post which was obviously written in Korean and had to be converted into English for his certain section of fans. All K-Pop undertook the job and presented the world with its translation.

What his post encases within itself?

Kangin wrote that he had planned to let go of the name of the boy-band, Super Junior. A name which was a part of his life for a very long time. He explained to the masses that this decision is no sudden, spur of moment one.

For a long period of time, the feeling that he should apologize to his fellow-companions percolated his brain. He knew that this decision is inevitable, however, did not trust himself enough to act it out. Having failed to garner enough courage for the act, he just stayed silent.

Kangin acknowledged the fact that his personal problems often made his members suffer. They were made to suffer the misfortunes which they did not deserve. However, he could no longer allow this to continue.

Kangin is sorry for his delayed apology!

Kangin officially leaves the Super Junior after 14 years of togetherness

K-Pop singer Kangin
Source: Mundo-KPOP

The post enveloped both an apology as well as thanks for the group. He even said that he will surely continue to cheer for Super Junior no matter what happens. His emotional post was accompanied by an image which was backed out.

Looks like Super Junior is going to lose one of its founding members. Now this act end-up bringing them more success or downfall is still uncertain!

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