Kanye West staying in Wyoming on Kim Kardashian’s instructions? Rumor or Real


Is Kanye West staying in Wyoming on Kim Kardashian’s instructions? A tabloid claimed that the couple is troubled and trying to stay away from one another. We have some news to shed more light on the situation.

Sources reported that their relationship continues to be icy. The emotional reunion of the Kim and West in Wyoming was not able to calm the storm between the two. Kardashian tried to contact West for days, but he ghosted her. Sources revealed,

Kim loves Kanye, but she doesn’t know what to do and she feels trapped. She has a lot to say to him. She’s had enough.

Amidst West’s “troubling behavior”, the couple has already started discussing about their divorce. They are trying to figure out a loving and amicable co-parenting situation. The source also revealed,

Everything that’s happening right now is just like a horrible sideshow to what the real issues are.

Even though there is still love between the couple, it is not healthy for Kardashian to be around West. Kim has also given a warning to West that he should either get help or stay at Wyoming. The source said that as much as Kim cared for West, she also wanted a healthy environment for her children.

Is the couple trying to work things out?

There is no clarity on Kim and West’s decision to get divorced yet. Only Kim and West truly know what they are planning. It seems unlikely that the two will let others know about their final decision anytime soon. Thus, the tabloid’s claim is completely false.

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