Kaspersky audit reports confirm data security for customers

Kaspersky successfully passes independent SOC 2 audit

The cybersecurity company, Kaspersky has successfully completed the Service Organisations Control for SOC 2 Type-1 audit. The report from accounting firm confirms that the company’s AV databases are completely protected. The databases are not at risk from other unauthorized changes by strong security services.

Report for cybersecurity risk

Kaspersky was glad on completing this independent test. The examination was completed keeping in mind the SSAE 18 standards. It included controls over automatic anti-virus updates.

Kaspersky said that the security of their customers was their utmost priority. And, they are delighted to complete this assessment. This fair test ensures the security of their products. And, also of their R&D processes. The Chief Technology Officer, Afremov stated this as another step to demonstrate the company’s transparency.

Global Transparency Initiative

Kaspersky successfully passes independent SOC 2 audit

Further, the company is introducing Global Transparency. This is their another initiative to ensure user’s security. The initiative includes:

1. Bug Bounty Program

Kaspersky is constantly working hard for their Bug Bounty Program. Recently, they paid $23,000 as bounty to the Imaginary team. The researchers of the team discovered a bug in systems. This bug could give access to third-parties to execute code on a user’s PC. The company is truly thankful to the team.

2. Safe Harbor

Kaspersky is also supporting the framework now. This way they provide shelter to the researchers. The negative consequences of their discoveries makes them worry. Thus, to ensure complete protection, Kaspersky guarantees fair treatment.

3. Transparency Centers

Kaspersky successfully passes independent SOC 2 audit

The company recently announced about the new Transparency Center in Madrid. This center is open for all the customers and even, government stake holders. This is similar to Zurich facility. Here, the company will brief the customers about their processing and functioning of data.

4. Threat Intelligence Support

And lastly, they are also the first cybersecurity vendors to provide threat intelligence support. They will provide free service to Law Enforcement Agencies. This is a unique approach to tackle the problems of cyber crimes.

Thus, Kaspersky proves that they are transparent. And, have more concern about the user’s privacy and data.

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