Password Stealing Malware attacks rise by 60% reports Kaspersky

Password Stealing Malware attacks rise by 60% reports Kaspersky

Are you also among those who frequently trust your computer and allow them to save your passwords? If yes, now you need to think twice about Password Stealing Malware before doing that. Cybersecurity experts have seen a rise in password stealing activities in the very first six months of this year. And, a large number of these attacks are reported from India.

The rise in Password Stealing attacks

Password Stealing Malware attacks rise by 60% reports Kaspersky

According to Kaspersky, the number of such password-stealing attacks have increased to 60 percent this yeat. According to reports, India, Germany, the US, Brazil, and Russia are among the most affected countries. Such attacks have risen to 940,000 in the first half of this year, which is indeed a great number.

Kaspersky warns the users

The Cybersecurity firm, Kaspersky has recommended the users not to post their passwords on the social media platforms. They have warned not to share the passwords with friends and family too. As they might get vulnerable to these password stealing malware attacks unknowingly. The users should also do regular updates to ensure more security.

Alexander Eremin stated that the users are getting more active on the Internet nowadays. And, while surfing they allow many activities on the Internet to monitor their daily life. This fills up their accounts with a lot of data. And, thus this malware attacks them.

Password Stealing Malware

According to experts, this Password Stealing Malware is a major weapon that the cybercriminals use to invade users’ privacy. This malware bags the users’ sensitive data directly from web browsers. Further, the attackers use this data to track users private data including their financial information and saved credit or debit card details as well.

Kaspersky reports 60% rise in Password Stealing Malware attacks

Some of the malware are specially designed for accessing the users’ browser cookies. They are also used to steal users’ data from specific locations such as a desktop or mobile apps as well.

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