Kate Middleton Pregnancy Rumors: Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William to have a Baby Girl Soon?

Kate Middleton Pregnant with Baby Girl

Kate Middleton is reported to be pregnant with her fourth child with Prince William, who is confirmed to be a baby girl. The Royal Couple was hiding the pregnancy news until now due to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle exiting the Royal family status. It is said that Kate and Prince are having a divorce and the fourth baby could stop that from happening.

However, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge recently got the green signal from the palace and they have shared the news of their upcoming baby with the entire world. It is also been reported that Prince and Middleton are very happy as their fourth child is a baby girl. Here are more details on the Kate Middleton pregnancy rumors and the truth behind it.

Kate Middleton Pregnant with Baby Girl

Kate Middleton Pregnant with Baby Girl

Kate Middleton herself has hinted that the upcoming member of their family is a baby girl and Charlotte is very happy to meet her baby sister and is excited for helping to decorate the new nursery. Prince William also slipped out the gender of his and Kate’s fourth child when he said, “he couldn’t wait to meet their new little princess,” as per the latest sources.

Virginia Chadwyck-Healey, the Duchess of Cambridge’s stylist, has been purposely dressing Kate Middleton in loose-fitting clothes and it was the main giveaway that revealed her pregnancy. The most recent case was Middleton visiting a children’s hospital in London, which clearly showed her baby bump in the public.

Are Kate Middleton Pregnancy Rumors True?

Are Kate Middleton Pregnancy Rumors True

Kate Middleton pregnancy rumors are not true at all as per Gossip Cop and they have debunked all the reports and called them fake. They are saying that Kate is pregnant for months, if that was the case she would have already given birth to a baby till now. Also, there are some reports which claim that the Duchess herself has denied all the pregnancy rumors saying that Prince William does not want to have a fourth child.

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