Katie Holmes Battles To Take Down Scientology In Her Fight With Tom Cruise?

Katie Holmes Battles To Take Down Scientology In Her Fight With Tom Cruise?
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Is Katie Holmes sad with Tom Cruise and resisting keeping her daughter away from Scientology? A reputed source has investigated the same and cleared things up.

Holmes feels remorse after her divorce from Tom Cruise?

Last year a claim was heard that Katie’s bank account was drying up; she was taking another look at her separation from Tom Cruise and thinking that she could have handled things differently.

Of course the source is not true. During pandemic, Katie was far from struggling and was afraid to take degrading jobs.

Revealing all about Scientology?

Recently a source claimed that Katie might be joining Leah Remini on her podcast. An insider also told that the magazine that Remini “knows it’s a long shot, but she’s still trying to get Katie to talk about her experience in the church.”

But thankfully, our reputed source was able to catch up her spokesperson who busted the claim and told that Katie was not a part of Leah’s podcast.

Katie fearing scientologists might kidnap Suri?

According to an article from a popular magazine, “Katie fears Scientologists are trying to lure her daughter back.” The magazine also had a hold of photos of Suri roaming in the streets of New York looking “spooked” leading sources to gamble that the teen was in danger.

Cruise’s Livid over Holmes’s new relationship?

Recently a source claimed that the Mission Impossible star is quite upset with her ex-wife new relationship. According to reports she is dating Emilio Vitolo Jr. and Tom was disgusted by Katie’s behavior, insisting that it’s not good for their daughter to see.

The magazine also claimed that Cruise still regrets his decision of separating with Holmes. He should have fought with his full strength to get custody of his daughter.

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