Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom Rumours: Wedding Delayed Because The Couple Is Fighting Over Prenup?

Katy Perry Orlando Bloom

Katy Perry got engaged to Orlando Bloom on Valentine’s Day last year. The couple recently welcomed their first daughter together. Despite all this happy and unified front, rumours swirled that the two fought over a prenuptial agreement. 

Katy Perry Demanding A $335 Million Prenup

About two years ago, a story came out that Perry and Bloom were signing a $335 million prenup. Apparently, the Firework singer wanted to make sure she protected her assets before walking down the aisle with Bloom. The details of the agreement included a $2 million cheating clause and a penalty of $1 million if the Lord of the Rings actor left the pop star.

However, a source close to the situation asserted that the report was incorrect. The fact of the matter is that at the time, Bloom hadn’t even proposed to Perry yet. So to have intimate knowledge about an alleged prenup was too far-fetched to believe.

Katy Perry Orlando Bloom

More Prenup Rumours

Months later, there was another story that Perry and Bloom secretly got engaged. But then, the California Girls singer was reportedly trying to protect her $365 million fortune. Therefore, Perry allegedly gave Bloom an ironclad prenup which once again included a cheating clause and a penalty fee if the actor left within the first two years of their marriage. Nevertheless, a representative for Perry confirmed that the narrative was false. Also, the couple weren’t even engaged back then.

And in 2019, gossip was that Perry and Bloom were at war over the details of their prenuptial agreement. Apparently, money was the only thing standing in the way of the couple walking down the aisle. It was said that Perry was richer by a significant amount than her movie star fiancé because of her music and work on American Idol and other projects. Hence, Perry’s team was advising her to play it safe. But at the same time, Bloom was supposedly growing agitated by the ordeal.

Katy Perry

Plain Simple Logic

Bloom and Perry were not fighting over money, as confirmed by more reputable outlets. Although Katy and Orlando haven’t wed yet, the reason isn’t due to finances or prenups. Just like most of the world, the couple has postponed tying the knot because of the current pandemic.

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