Kendall’s Biggest Regret: ‘Meow’ Face Tattoo, Model wants to Remove It


Kendall Jenner was popular even before she joined modelling due to her family’s reality show. In 2018, Jenner became the most paid model in the world.

Fans must already know a lot about Kendall’s family. However, many are unaware that Kendall has three tattoos. Unlike the rest of the family, the eldest Jenner sibling likes to keep her life more private. This is one of the reasons why many people don’t know any of her body tattoos or face tattoo.

Jenner’s two body tattoos

One resource reported that Jenner has a tattoo on her each middle finger. Reportedly, the most iconic one was her twinning ink with Hailey Bieber. The two have a matching tattoo in their left middle fingers, i.e. a ‘broken heart’. Kendall got a white ink and Hailey got a red one.

On her right middle finger, Kendall has a full heart tattoo, balancing the other one. The source reported that there was a dot tattoo before Kendall got a full heart tattoo.

Kendall’s most regretted tattoo

Four years earlier, Kendall got a tattoo on her face. After getting a drink, she got a tattoo ‘meow’ on her inner bottom lip.

Reportedly, Kendall has admitted that it was not a good idea. She deeply regrets getting this tattoo inked. However, she is glad that the tattoo is hidden and won’t have any effect on her job. She got the tattoo in the spur of the moment when she was drunk.

Kendall clarified that there was no meaning or reason for getting the tattoo. She only got it so that she can say that she has a face tattoo. Her parents did not like the idea of a ‘face tattoo’ at all.

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