Crisis on Infinite Earths to have Kevin Conroy?

Kevin Conroy finally as Bruce Wayne on TV screen!

Bruce Wayne is all set to make a debut in CW’s Crossover event! This year is going to be huge for CW, with many of the TV series starting and converging to a conclusion simultaneously. Recently, at the TCA summer press tour, CW announced what previously was thought as impossible. Kevin Conroy is back as Bruce Wayne on Crisis on Infinite Earths!!!

CW announced that the unforgettable voice behind most of the Batman animated series, given by Kevin Conroy is coming to life with Crisis on Infinite Earths. Kevin is set to appear as an older version of Batman on CW’s 2019’s crossover event.

This crossover will be massive; as this time, it is not just about the flash or arrow; it is regarding the fate of the whole multiverse. This year’s crossover is the biggest one yet, with the inclusion of characters from Black Lightning also, this year will feature BatWoman too which is played by Ruby Rose.

Kevin Conroy’s reveal was shocking; however, previously inclusion of Brandon Routh as Superman made this less surprising. With Kevin and Brandon, CW is about to set the home screens of all the fans on Fire.

With Supes and Batsy, we also will have Supergirl, The Flash, Green Arrow, Black Lightning, Whole roster of Legends of Tomorrow, Batwoman and all the side characters.

Crisis of Infinite Earths, the crossovers name is no new for DC fans. A series of comics released by DC Comics previously based on the same name is a fan favorite. This crossover will hit the fan-screen in December. It will sparse over all the shows at that time.

Estimated Schedule

  • Supergirl (Season 5) – Sunday, 8th December 2019
  • Batwoman (Season 1) – Monday 9th December 2019
  • The Flash (Season 6) – Tuesday 10th December 2019
  • Arrow (Season 8) – Tuesday 14th January 2020
  • DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (Season 5) – Tuesday 14th January 2020

With the inclusion of so many characters and the villain being both The Monitor and the arc-enemy of Martian Manhunter, Ma’alefa’ak returning this will surely be a treat to watch!

However, there are many fan theories as to what we can expect from CW this year. Still, nothing can be said as of now. Because every year CW comes up with something new, which is unexpected. Brandon and Kevin are live examples of that.

Crisis on Infinite Earths- potential plotline

Also, there is a major possibility that Green Arrow will die in the end of Crisis on Infinite Earths. Still, it is just a speculation, and nothing can be said for sure. However, there may be some truth to this as CW hinted that a major character would go down this year.

This may point to the death of Barry Allen or Oliver Queen. Further, season 8 will be the final season for Arrow, and thus it is most probable that Oliver Queen may not make out this time.

Moreover, Jefferson Pierce a.k.a. Black Lightning will supposedly steal the show this year.

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