Khloe Kardashian, Tristan Thompson Reunion Rumors: Thompson to offer Khloe his LA house


Amid reunion rumors, Tristan Thompson has offered his LA house to Khloe Kardashian. In a latest sneak peek clip for the return of Keeping Up With The Kardashians approaching next month, the two discuss Khloe’s upcoming home renovation.

We start the renovations in February which will be around the corner, it’s a lot,

Khloe said,

I have to make sure something’s safe for true and comfortable and still something close because I want to check up on this house.

Tristan then offers up his LA house to Khloe.

When Thompson  was questioned about what will happen when he will return from the NBA season. Thompson told that when I return I will find a new apartment to stay.

But you’re not getting an apartment so I can stay in your home. That’s completely insane. Khloe replied to the statement made by Tristan.

“Stop it. That’s not happening,” Khloe yelled at Tristan Thompson.

Last year in February, Khloe and Tristan ended their relationship as the Cleveland Cavaliers star was spotted getting cozy with Jordyn Woods.

However this month, there were talks that the pair has been spending some quality time together in this lockdown with their daughter.  He has been amazing to Khloe too. They are very much together and Khloe is beyond happy.The pair was looking to give their relationship a second chance.

In the past few months, Thompson has shown Khloe that he has been transformed completely.  He has worked really hard to rebuild trust in the eyes of Khloe.

He has become a responsible father and a trustworthy partner.  It is really important for the betterment of their two- year- old daughter.

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