Kim Kardashian Dating Rumours: The Model Seeing CNN’s Van Jones After Filing For Divorce From Kanye West?

Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West took to social media

Kim Kardashian and her love life are always in news. People enjoy living vicariously through the Kardashians. Tabloids thrive upon any juicy piece of gossip about the Kardashians, that they can get their hands on. And the all-time-favorite of them all is Kim.

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Was Kim Kardashian Dating Before Divorce?

Long before Kim and Kanye West officially announced their pending divorce, tabloids claimed that the model was already dating. Rumour was that Kardashian and West’s six-year marriage reached the point of no return. There were also other rumors of infidelity, money grabs, and kid concerns.

Reportedly, Kardashian was moving on from West with the American news and political commentator and lawyer, Van Jones. Their sources assured readers that “Van is a much better fit than Kanye and could be the one”. However, Kardashian’s representative affirmed that there was no truth to this premature dating drama.

More Lies About The Reality TV Star

Word is that she was hardly devastated about ending her six-year marriage. Apparently, West sucked all the energy from Kim during their relationship. Hence, now that she feels free, she wants to dabble in the dating game after this third failed marriage. It suggests that the socialite isn’t sullenly mourning the end of her marriage at home.

Gossip mongers also suggest that the actress was too volatile to find love after splitting from West. Tabloids backed it up saying that the dating pool was running dry for the mom of four. All the A-list actors and musicians she hoped to attract, allegedly, denied her. Apparently, her bizarre lifestyle is much too complicated for potential suitors. And her chaotic love life haunts many romantic interests of hers.

However, tabloids just love to play up Kim’s life in a way that would sell their column. We need not believe everything we read about the Kardashian sister.

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