Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Divorce Rumors: Couple are Ready to Breakup the Marriage


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West finally met on common grounds , agreed to file for divorce. After West’s recent post, the rapper revealed some shocking news about the Kardashians. However, there is no evidence for the claims he is making.

These shocking claims forced the star to travel to Wyoming to have a conversation with her husband. Sources are claiming that they were unable to resolve their issues during the meeting. Pictures of Kim Kardashian breaking down in tears are breaking the internet.

Kim Kardashian tried to save her marriage

Kim tried to make a final move to save her marriage. They also invited Kanye to join them for a trip.

The sources said,

Kim and Kanye couldn’t see each other eye to eye on anything and ended up not talking most of the time.

Kanye believes that Kim is the reason for the end of their relationship.

The source claims that West is blaming Kim the reason for the end of their relationship.

That’s what Kim needed to hear to know it was finally over.

Biggest divorce of the decade

After Returning from Kanye’s home Kim immediately contacted the best lawyer for her upcoming divorce.

Recently, the couple was declared billionaires by Forbes Magazine. So, the couple will try all possible events with that huge fortune.

Kanye, Kim’s non-existing moments

The couple was been in a loveless relationship for the last three years. Kim’s was aware that her marriage is on the verge of ending, but she is trying to hold it for the sake of their kids.

However, one should not blindly believe these claims.

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