Know about the lucky, weird stuff that got a Space Ride

Know about the lucky, weird stuff that got a ride to space

Ever since man’s dream of travelling to space came true, taking weird things with itself became a trend. Whether it be sandwiches or toys all have at least made one Space Ride. Sometimes these things got a lift because of acceptable reasons, while sometimes just for the sake of fun.

Toys on Earth to have tried to claim the skies

Carrying earthly things to space has been taking place forever. Something’s such as scientific equipment’s and gears is carried being a necessity but taking toys with them is unexplainable. Well here are just a few of the thousand weird things that astronauts carried with themselves on a Space Ride.

The first bizarre thing that got its space ride is Toy Story film character Buzz Lightyear. Yes, you read that right the Space Astronaut toy whose tag line was “To infinity and Beyond” finally turned his dream into reality. A Buzz Lightyear action figure was involved in the Discovery STS-124 mission, which was done in 2008.

Know about the lucky, weird stuff that got a Space Ride

Buzz Lightyear travelled to space
Source: Florida Today

The lucky Buzz action figure flew with the International Space Station and spend a total of 15 months aboard before faithfully coming back to Earth. However, this was not the first time a toy got approved for such a tour.

In the year 1985, astronauts carried an assortment of toys with themselves to the orbit of the Earth. They did this so as to test them in microgravity. It was all a part of the effort made by them to teach children about Physics.

The astronauts took with themselves miniature Lego figures in the Juno Spacecraft. A small replica of Earth which got famous by the name “Little Earth” recently joined Crew Dragon capsule.

Know about the lucky, weird stuff that got a ride to space

Lego toys were carried to space for studies
Source: Mark Pospesel

Some of the most strange things that got a ticket for a space ride

Dirt from Yankee Stadium, all kinds of Jerseys as well as a NASCAR flag has also paid their visits to the stars. One of the strangest things that got a ticket for an outside earth trip is human ashes. Human’s aspired to reach the stars and claim even what’s beyond them.

However, not all dreams come true in just the way they were supposed to. If you failed to travel beyond Earth during your span of life, then an after death option is there. People can send a portion of the ashes of their deceased loved ones for a feasible amount of money.

Know about the lucky, weird stuff that got a ride to space

Human ashes being carried to space
Source: Medium

It has been done multiple times in the past and is quickly turning into a trend now. Well, humans do a lot of weird stuff and if all such things are put together then I guess the list will be endless.

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