Kyoto Animation Studio in Japan turns into a blazing death trap for 33

Kyoto Animation Studio jeopardized by blazing fire

Once again fumes of terror are chocking the residents of Japan. As a 41 year old man sets the Kyoto Animation studio on fire, several innocents lost their life. Thursday morning became the last day of existence for 33 people, while it left an unforgettable mark on dozens who were injured in the incident. However, this incident was no mere accident, it was well-planned havoc!!

Kyoto Animation studio faced the  unthinkable today!

Kyoto Animation Studio jeopardized by blazing fire

Firefighter are still struggling
Source: The Independent

Thursday morning, a 41 year old suspect broke into the studio and sprayed petrol before setting the place on fire. The Kyoto Animation studio is known for its watch-worthy quality of films and graphic novels.

The suspect of the incident has been detained, however, he was rushed to the hospital due to the injuries he had incurred. Shinzo Abe, who is the current Prime Minister of Japan, described the event as too appalling for words!! He offered his condolence to the families who have been affected by the incident.

The three-storey high building started blazing with fire at around 10:30 if the local time is considered. The set-fire had such devastating power that the rescue operation is still not completely over. According to the reports of local media, knives have been found at the scene.

Why did it happen, remains a mystery!!

Kyoto Animation Studio jeopardized by blazing fire

The 3 storey high building
Source: NBC News

One of the biggest mysteries that are still to be solved is the relation of the man with the company. His motive and driving force behind the incident is also unclear. As described by the eye-witnesses a loud explosion commenced the fire, which was followed by an inferno. Soon the whole of the building was blazing with fire.

10 people were found on the staircase that linked the roof with the second floor. Firefighters are currently speculating that maybe there are more people present and stuck on the roof. People who at the present moment are in a dire need of rescue!!

Several lives are still trapped in there!

According to some statics, there were nearly 70 people present in the building when the unfortunate event took place. Around 36 people are under medical observation in hospitals, the remaining are still stuck.

The suspect is not a former employee of Kyoto Animation studio. However, witnesses and bystanders described him as someone who appeared to be angry with the studio. The mystery of this hateful act can only be unveiled by him!

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