Kyoto Animation Studio will be demolished and replaced by a public park

Kyoto Animation studio burnt building to be replaced by a public park

The deadly fire that engulfed the Kyoto Animation studio finally died. However, its end is marked with the blood of several, while umpteen are still in the hospital. Families lost their loved ones, some are still struggling to survive and that building stands as a reminder of it all.

However, the president of Kyoto Animation, Hideaki Hatta has decided to demolish the Kyoto Animation studio building, in hopes of saving the neighbourhood from constant reminders!!

Kyoto Animation studio is getting demolished!!

Kyoto Animation studio burnt building to be replaced by a public park

This aerial view shows the rescue and recover scene after the fire
Source: Fortune

Hideaki Hatta informed the masses about his future plans regarding the Kyoto Animation studio building in a mass media interview on Saturday. The Thursday’s jeopardizing fire at Kyoto Animation 1st studio Building has destroyed the building to great extends.

In the interview, he said that he is considering the idea of demolishing the building. Creation of a public park in that place, which could encase a monument is also being considered. The thought of holding a memorial ceremony for the hapless victims is also under-way.

He even informed the press regarding the numerous messages of support that they are receiving from all around the globe. Hatta said that the messages are acting as an emotional support for them.

The Kyoto Animation president even revealed that out of the 34 injured sufferers one had to undergo leg-amputation surgery.

Background and present details

Kyoto Animation studio burnt building to be replaced by a public park

Burning building of Kyoto Animation studio
Source: Axios

One of the injured victims is a South Korean citizen. The fact has been checked and confirmed by South Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

NHK reported on Saturday after an interview with one of the victims relative that DNA testing is being used for identification of some of them. Hospital has asked people to cooperate, for it will take about a week to get the results.

The devastating fire that broke out on Thursday at around 10:30 am JST killed 34 while 34 others are still hospitalized. Of those who could not survive the accident of fire at Kyoto Animation studio, 20 are reported to be women and 13 were men. Gender of 1 victim still remains unknown.

Well, the decision of memorial service and demolishing the Kyoto Animation studio building is praiseworthy. My condolence for the family members of the victims.

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