Money Heist Season 3: Trailer, Release Date for the latest Netflix Series

La Casa De Papel aka Money Heist Season 3

La Casa De Papel or simply called as Money Heist in the English language has been one of the best series adapted by Netflix. It was created by Alex Pina and premiered on Antenna 3 network in Spain. Netflix acquired the rights in 2017 and converted the first edition into a two-part series. La Casa De Papel Season 3 is about to be released soon on Netflix. Here are the details about the trailer, story and release date of Money Heist season 3.

Money Heist Season 3 Trailer

The trailer for La Casa De Papel Season 3 was released by Netflix about a month ago on Youtube. It was titled as Money Heist Part 3 with the tagline,

‘This time it is not about money, it is about family.’

Without revealing much, the trailer shows that Rio is captured by the Police and the band gets back together to rescue him. There are glimpses of the same red suit and mask from the previous seasons hinting that there will be another hostage situation.

Release Date and Netflix Production

La Casa De Papel aka Money Heist Season 3 cast

After the initial success of the first two seasons, Netflix undertook the production for the third season of La Casa De Papel. It means they now have a higher budget and more freedom in shooting the episodes.

The Netflix originals trailer usually comes with a release date, but it is not mentioned for Money Heist: Part 3. It is being speculated that Netflix will release season 3 of the popular Spanish show around the end of July.

Money Heist Season 3 Plot Details and Twists

The plot for Money Heist Season 3 looks simple from the trailer for the most part. The gang forms a racket to rescue Rio from captivity and everything goes as per the plan. But near the end, the character of Berlin is shown who was supposedly dead in the last season.

Whether it is a flashback, a dream sequence or some solid twists is yet unknown. The only thing sure is that La Casa De Papel or simply Money Heist will be full of surprises.

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