Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper Fall-Out Rumours: Bad Romance Singer Upset After Cooper Didn’t Cast Her In His Latest Film?

Bradley Cooper Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is reportedly upset that Bradley Cooper didn’t cast her alongside him in his next film. According to some tabloids, Gaga and Cooper had a fall out. And the former is furious with the latter.

Bradley Cooper Has Made Lady Gaga Angry

Apparently, Gaga is angry that her A Star is Born co-star, Cooper, didn’t choose her to work with him on his next film. Cooper’s next movie, Maestro, is a biopic about conductor Leonard Bernstein. However, it won’t star Gaga. Cooper reportedly chose Carey Mulligan to be his co-star instead of his old pal, Gaga.

Lady Gaga Bradley Cooper

Gaga is in Italy at the moment, busy filming her next film, House of Gucci. Yet, the tabloids maintain that she is hurt not to be considered. Speculations are that Cooper might be moving on from Gaga.

No Tension Between Co-Stars

It’s highly unlikely that the stories are true. While Cooper and Gaga undoubtedly appeared close upon the release of A Star is Born, there’s no reason to assume their careers are exclusive to one another’s. On the contrary, the fact that the two are currently working on separate projects serves as evidence of that. It’s odd to believe that Gaga would be upset that Cooper isn’t working with her when she’s currently working on a big project of her own.

Their film together gained massive success, largely due to the actors’ respective talents and combined chemistry. Their success is not intertwined. Both of the stars have been big names for a long time, and likely have moved on from the movie they made together.

There’s no evidence that Cooper has made Gaga any promises as tabloids suggest, or that he’s hesitant to work with her again. The stars very well could grace the screen side-by-side again if the pair desires to and it works for their schedules. But that time is clearly not now, and there’s no reason to assume there’s any tension between them because of it.

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