Lady Gaga fakes romance with Dan Horton to get Bradley Cooper’s attention


Did Lady Gaga use Dan Horton to make Bradley Cooper jealous? Let’s have a close look at the story.

Last year, a tabloid claimed that Lady Gaga was trying to make Bradley Cooper jealous. The singer was spotted having lunch dinner with Horton in Los Angeles. The source claimed that even though the two seemed completely in the moment enjoying themselves, Lady Gaga was only doing this in order to make Cooper jealous.

The insider said that Gaga wanted to make a statement and also added that Cooper was the one to pull the strings of her heart. Adding to this story in a more dramatic form, the insider contended that after his split with Irina Shayk, Cooper did not want to commit to Lady Gaga. Still Gaga didn’t back out and tried to get Cooper’s attention.

The sketchy source said,

Gaga knows how to play the game. She was dating Dan in a bid to make Bradley realize what he’s missing.

Is the Gaga-Cooper Love Story true?

The dubious insider’s story seemed more like a plot from a bad romance movie. A source close to Lady Gaga debunked the story and clarified that there was no truth in it. Shortly after this bogus report, Gaga and Horton broke up. Their breakup had nothing to do with Bradley Cooper.

The singer is currently dating Michael Polansky. Despite the facts, the tabloids go on creating false stories about A Star Is Born co-stars.

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