Lady Gaga’s New Album Details Leak: Everything That You Need to Know!

Lady Gaga sixth album details leaked

Ever since Lady Gaga last released an album, her insatiable fans are asking for the next release – people keep wondering when will Lady Gaga’s Sixth Album release. Rumors point out that the 33-year-old artist is planning on releasing a new album this year – but these rumors have been making rounds for a long time now. With the popular songstress hinting towards a new album, her fans have gone in a frenzy! Here are some details.

Details of Lady Gaga’s Sixth Album Leaked?

Words travel faster than air and especially in the entertainment industry! So when the recent theory regarding Lady Gaga ’s forthcoming 6th album surfaced, fans could not help but lend an ear to it.

These rumors started off after a recent picture posted by Lady Gaga. While some think that this is just a co-incidence that the rumors started right after that, others think this is a planned publicity move from the Mother Monster. Lady Gaga posted a picture on Instagram featuring a pumpkin whom the singer appeared to be carving on. However, the Poker Face singer gave up on her master piece in the process.

More Details on the Sixth Album

While Lady Gaga didn’t really carve out the pumpkin fully, she stabbed it and just wrote ‘FUCK THIS’. However, her eagle-eyed fans continued to scan the image looking for something which is more than what it seems. Interestingly, there was an iPod on the table! This has led to many fans believe that more new songs from the popstar are coming soon.

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