Lakers not content with mere Signing of Kawhi Leonard, wish for more


Lakers have been a world-class team ever since the start of the NBA. They wish to add further badges in their Golden league of players. They say that acquiring Kawhi Leonard is just the start. The latest rumours about the team are very hopeful for Lakers fans who witnessed a nauseating number of transactions on Sunday. They were accounting for one superstar after another.

Lakers onto something big:


It looked like the day would continue with a never stopping list of players moving to teams not named Los Angeles Lakers. Thankfully for Lakers fans, Kawhi Leonard was still considering his options. So for the Lakers, the fact is everything. Los Angeles entered on June 30 just the same way as other NBA teams, with different strategic plans for what can start full of chaos for the free agency.

Lakers not content with mere Signing of Kawhi Leonard, wish for more

But on Sunday, Lakers all the plans were turned upside down with every Twitter refresh. Fans who were hoping for the team to rope in some varying levels of talents to start the campaign. You had to dislike JJ Redick (New Orleans), Brook Lopez (Milwaukee Bucks) and Patrick Beverley (L.A. Clippers) finding teams for next season.

Lakers not content with mere Signing of Kawhi Leonard, wish for more

The road full of hiccups:

According to Marc Stein reports, Jimmy Butler may land up in Miami Heats or Philadelphia 76ers are keen to get a deal done. So, meanwhile, what had turned out to be an exciting prospect for the Lakers were ripped off the board.

If the Lakers miss out on the best free-agent prize available, Kawhi, they would regret this. He will be a phenomenal signing as per backup plans. The coming Monday really will be a day full of anxiety and fears. Because Leonardo will not only be playing but the will be looking determined to dominate the free agency with a bit of salary. But it’s notable that, Leonardo is in dilemma. Because Toronto will still remain in title contention if he returns.

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