Larry Page’s flying car startup Kitty Hawk is teaming up with Boeing to launch flying taxis

Kitty hawk and Boeing will team up to build new air taxi.
Credits: The Verge

Kitty Hawk and Boeing are pairing to launch the new flying taxis in the market. Kitty Hawk is financed by Google’s Larry Page. Besides, it is commanded by Udacity co-founder Sebastian Thrun.

The collaboration of Kitty Hawk and Boeing

Recently, Larry Page has financed, Kitty Hawk to team up with Boeing. The developers are going to bring in more consumers by inventing the new car. Moreover, this new flying car aims to transport you to your destination. Also, customers won’t have to worry about carbon emissions or traffic.

Larry has helped the company to create two new vehicles that look like oversized drones. The first one is a Flyer, a flying vehicle used for solo flights. The second one is Cora, a two-person self-flying air taxi. Besides, it can fly like a plane and take off like a helicopter.

kitty hawk cora air taxiStatement of Steve Nordlund

Steve Nordlund, general manager and vice president of Boeing NeXt stated that they are now closer to the to their goal with the help of Kitty Hawk company. Furthermore, he added that their new vision would allow them to transport goods and people in the future.

After the announcement, we can expect the Cora air taxi to launch sooner in the market. Even Uber is hoping to create its first flying taxi in future. The developers are hoping to turn their ideas into reality by 2023.

As per the reports, this new partnership aims to build a self-piloting as well as fully electric flying taxi Cora. Moreover, their collaboration will surely offer safety air rides to the customers.

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