James Bond 25: Lashana Lynch of Captain Marvel fame to play 007

Lashana Lynch destined to be the new 007 bond

Rumours of James Bond 007 role being overtaken by a woman have been afloat for a while now. Ever now and then another comment revives the topic from extinction. However, quite a stir was created a few weeks ago when Idris Elba suggested that a woman might take up the role.

Looks like the rumors finally got cemented into reality in the light of present events!! For source reveal that Lashana Lynch will now be introduced to the James Bond 25 audience as the new 007!!!

Lashana Lynch destined to be the new 007 bond

Bond 26 has new surprises!
Source: Metro

Lashana Lynch to be the new James Bond 25

Every James Bond fan knows that Daniel Craig officially retired at the end of Spectre. Thus, guessing a nice holiday scene at the beginning of the next Bond Film is inevitable. Everyone thought, that the retirement is bound to be temporary and the spy will return again to save the day!!

However, if certain sources are trusted then the title is passed on to a black, charming woman. Who shall now take the responsibilities of 007 in her shoulders!! The source reported that Phoebe Waller-Bridge script holds Lashana Lynch as the spy.

How is it going to happen??

The 31 years old actress is supposed to enter the film through a pivotal scene. The film commences with the pivotal scene in which M orders 007 to enter and what happens next is the popcorn dropping moment. The command leads Lashana to walk in as a beautiful black woman!!

Lashana Lynch destined to be the new 007 bond

Lashana will now be 007!
Source: The Hollywood Inquirer

Well, the plot certainly makes sense. Instead of going on the obvious return scheme for the detective, the story now paves a new path. Acknowledging another homo-sapien as 007 as the title is passed on!

Another twist in the plot revealed!!

Another interesting fact about the forthcoming film is the presence of Christoph Waltz. He is reported to have been spotted on the set, thus making it clear that he is a part of the cast.

So maybe Blofeld, the Spectre villain too is planning to make an appearance. M16 captured the hero on the set, leaving fans to wonder how he will return. Well, it looks like the new Bond film has a lot in store for us!!!

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