Latest Apple iOS Update Helps User Responding COVID-19


Apple has announced the new OS for the Apple Watch puts focus on reminding users to wash their hands. This news was announced during last week’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC)

The innovative company said, “in a first-of-its-kind innovation for a wearable, Apple Watch automatically detects handwashing to initiate a 20-second countdown timer.” Interestingly, if the wearer finishes early, the device will asks the user to keep washing their hands.

Handwashing has been a necessity, but it has become more important than ever due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To help users, the Apple Watch uses its motion sensors and sounds to recognize handwashing. When the handwashing process reaches 20 seconds, it will vibrate to notify the users.

Apple Watch also reminds the user to wash their hands upon arriving home. The device notices users’ homes thanks to GPS tracking technology.

The iOS update will also introduce sleep tracking, taking a comprehensive approach to sleep. The Apple Watch will help wearers to get enough amount of sleep and to go to bed on time. It also creates a bedtime routine and sleeps goals to help users improving their health.

Another importance of fighting COVID-19 is to wear masks. While the latest iOS 14 update cannot help wearing masks directly, they provide a new fun Memojis. User can now set a face mask graphics to their personalized Memojis, safety can be fun! Also, the update has more than twenty new Memoji hairstyles and stickers.

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