Leaked iPhone 12 Specs, Battery Capacity Downgrade and RAM Boost


Apple soon to produce iPhone 12 and more information bout its specs and features are spreading on the internet. One of the leaked information is the battery certification, indicating that the latest smartphone will have the capacity downgraded.

It is common for people to expect that next-generation smartphone has better features than the previous one. However, recently uncovered approval files allegedly for iPhone 12 batteries show a disappointing indication. The documents mentioned that the batteries for future Apple smartphones would be marginally lower than those used in the iPhone 11 model.

My Smart Price reported that there are three different batteries models which are A2471 (2,227 mAh), A2431 (2,775 mAh), and A2466 (3,687). However, the report does not specify which iPhone 12 model the batteries belong to. Some suggest that the lowest capacity is for iPhone 12, the middle size capacity is for iPhone 12 Pro, while the largest is for iPhone 12 Pro Max.

These batteries have lower capacity than iPhone 11 batteries which might be disappointing for fans. The iPhone 11 model has a battery that ranges from 3,110 mAh to 3,969 mAh.

Meanwhile, it’s also early to judge the iPhone 12 series and how long it will last per charge based on that detail. The processor plays a significant role in the overall efficiency of the system, which then influences the consumption of the battery. Since there is still little known knowledge about the A14 Bionic, there is still a possibility that the chip was built to fit smaller battery packs.

RAM Boost for iPhone 12

The alleged iPhone 12 RAM models have a better story. One of the leakers on Twitter (@L0vetodream) tweeted that the “Best” edition, referring to the iPhone 12 Pro. He said the phone would have 6 GB of RAM while the iPhone 12 vanilla would stay at 4 GB.

Going to the 6 GB RAM range is not unexpected. It was one of the planned advantages of using the A14 Bionic on the iPhone 12 model. However, fans will have to wait until the last quarter of 2020 to see these expected improvements.




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