Lee Iacocca automotives leaves a legacy at 94

Lee Iacocca

An automobile industry giant Lee Iacocca who was a great servant of the auto industry for a long time now. He was connecting link between the Ford Mustang and the previous chairman of Chrysler. The icon has left the universe as per the family sources. A family member has informed the news authorities that Iacocca is dead but could not fetch any further details about the death.

The Industry tycoon Lee Iacocca passes away:

Lee Iacocca leaves a legacy at 94

Iacocca was a great entrepreneur and an excellent human being with great human values. Iacocca is the man who helped Chrysler from bankruptcy back in the years 1980’s. He is also considered as the father of legendary car brand Ford Mustang. He was always a well-known name in the automobile industry. But it was only in the later years he became a household name when he started featuring in the TV advertisements for Chrysler.

The catchphrases are still on people lips even after so many years. People still use his famous phrase for their cars “If you can find a better car, buy it”. Lee was born in Allentown, Penn. It was only when his parents moved from Italy to the United States of America, He got a start in the industry. He started working as an engineer in the year 1946 at Ford Motor Company.

A Leader from birth:

Lee is the man who is credited as the leader of the team who first created the Mustang in 1964. He progressed in the industry in leaps and bounds and rose through ranks at Ford. He became the car giant’s CEO in the year 1970 before being kicked from the company by Henry Ford II after 8 years later.

It didn’t take much time for Lee to land on his feet, He soon joined the Chrysler and became their CEO. In the year 1980, President Ronald Reagan made Iacocca as the chairman of the Statue of Liberty-Ellis. He was provided with the task of raising money for restoring the Statue of Liberty.

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