Leonardo DiCaprio, Camilla Morrone Baby Rumours: Couple Expecting Their First Child Together?

Leonardo Dicaprio Camilla Morrone

Leonardo DiCaprio is reportedly becoming a father. His model girlfriend Camila Morrone seems to be pregnant now. The Argentine actress and model was said to have been spotted with a baby bump.

Leonardo DiCaprio And Camilla Morrone’s First Child

Allegedly, Leo is having his first baby with girlfriend Camila Morrone. It was said that the 23-year-old got pregnant in the summer. Even a photo of the model wearing a loose sundress was used as evidence to back up the rumour.

Leonardo Dicaprio Camilla Morrone

In the picture, Camila really appears to have a protruding belly though not too big. This paparazzi photo is proof that she is carrying the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star’s child.

DiCaprio was also rumoured to have hired a yacht to celebrate his girlfriend’s 23rd birthday party in order to conceal the pregnancy. There were champagnes and tequila. But for sure, the celebrant did not have any but only the guests and Leonardo.

Also, they only invited a very small number of guests to the party, and this was deliberately done to protect Leonardo and Camila’s secret. Over-all, the subdued party was allegedly a big clue to the pregnancy.

The Truth Is Far From It

This pregnancy rumor involving the beautiful couple was first published several months ago. If there is truth in this story, the baby is due soon, or he/ she would have already been born. But there is no baby. Hence, this is proof that the rumor is false.

Also, the basis of the claim of Camila being pregnant was her photo with what appears to be a baby bump. But in truth, it could only be the model’s dress that was blown by the wind, and when the scene was captured on camera, she magically appeared pregnant. Gossip mongers just want any celebrity couple to always keep moving to the next step in their relationships.

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