Lexus to get upgraded with Apple’s CarPlay

Lexus to get upgraded with Apple's CarPlay

Lexus – the subsidiary of Toyota has recently disclosed to add Apple’s CarPlay to its 2018 model. To upgrade for 2018-19 models it will also include Lexus+Alexa integration to its cars.

Lexus to get upgraded with Apple's CarPlay


CarPlay features and price

This integration can be helpful for the owner who owns the smartphone app like navigation, music and many more. However, which can be useful for them to use when they are driving. Lexus’s Parent Company Toyota was the last reputed manufacturer to avail this technology.

The technology was introduced in early 2018 in the Avalon sedan. Later, it was inherited to other vehicles in the North American lineups, which included the new Corolla and Lexus UX.

Meanwhile, Lexus manufactured vehicles which when produced before 2018 can avail the upgrade. The upgrade can be installed with a price of 199 US Dollars.

Moreover, the owners who are interested can contact their respected dealer to get installed. The vehicles which already have the multimedia system from the listed cars can add the CarPlay feature.

According to a report from CarAdvice, the cars in the American Lineup can avail the Android Auto from 2020. This feature will be the same as the CarPlay but exclusively for Android users. Vehicles to get the update in 2020 includes Sequoia, Tundra, Tacoma and also the 4Runner.

Lexus to get upgraded with Apple's CarPlay


List of Lexus Vehicles to get the feature update

  • For 2018 Lexus LS – Luxury Sedan
  • Lexus Luxury Coupe model of 2018
  • Both the 2018 Lexus RC – Radical Coupe and RC F
  • 2018 Lexus NX – Nimble Crossover
  • produced before 2018 October – 2019 Lexus NX
  • Also the Lexus RC F model of 2019  – produced before 2018 October
  • Purchased before October 2018 – 2019 Lexus ES – Elegant Sedan

However, the company has rolled out the updates to its customized cars. This updates can be availed from the dealer previously mentioned.

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