Detective Pikachu Life Size Plushie will steal your heart

Detective Pikachu Life Size Plushie

Detective Pikachu Plushie is one of the favourite toys of kids these days. Recently, the market has also seen an increase in its sale after the release of Pikachu movie. This Detective Pikachu plushie has seriously committed a crime by stealing our hearts.

Life Size Detective Pikachu Plushie

Credits: Pokemon Center

However, Pikachu toys have always been admired since its first cartoon series. But the new plushie is a bit different from the rest. It has its own charm which is enough to melt the Pikachu lovers.

Movie details

Pokemon Detective Pikachu

Credits: Rolling Stone

Pokemon Detective Pikachu film premiered on May 10, 2019. It collected $314.2 million within two weeks of its premiere. The film is directed by Rob Letterman and produced by Mary Parent and Cale Boyter. It centres around Detective Pikachu and Tim. The two encounter each other when Tim’s father detective Harry Goodman goes missing. Later on, they decide to team up to find out the mystery behind his missing father.

Detective Pikachu Plushie features

Detective Pikachu Plushie is now available online

Credits: Sora News24

Pikachu Plushie has brown irises along with adjustable arms, tail, ears, and hands. Moreover, it can be postured in any form to make it look playful.

Detective Pikachu Plushie details

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After the release of the Pikachu movie, fans are going crazy to buy this new Detective Pikachu Plushie. It is 40 cm (15.7 inches) in height which looks very lifelike. The doll was created to be the exact same size as shown in the movie.

If you want to purchase it, then do not buy it from the local store. You can order it via the Premium Bandai website for 21,780 yen (US$200) with shipping charges.

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