List of Anime Series That Have Been Banned

List of Anime Series that are banned in different countries

What really makes an anime series to get a ban from some countries? The answers are normal while making guesses at some perspective. There maybe chance of violence, adult content or a lot of other reasons. Just as the show is full of animation it doesn’t mean it would be child-friendly.

List of Anime Series that are banned in different countries

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This list will relate to the countries those who didn’t allow the shows to run. They claim that the anime series is not worthy of watching for adults as well. There are 10 anime series and the reason for their ban.

Anime Series with a tint of sexual contents and violence is a top priority

“Osomatsu” went down for its copyright issue during the launch of its first episode. They literally made spoof various hits showrunners and went on to release them. Another series with the name of “Excel Saga” got a ban on their last episode in Japan. Every part of the episode clearly signifies violence and obscene.

List of Anime Series that are banned in different countries

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“Fate Kaleid” also gets a ban in Russia for its underage sexual contents. Another Anime Series “Kite” is also banned in Norway as the protagonist uses bullets to explode them.

Moreover, it contains sexually graphic scenes which aren’t considered in Norway’s law under child pornography. If you follow Nazi and don’t support the ideologies of being a Nazi then probably your show gets a red light. KinniKuman gets a red light in France for a giant character known as Brocken Jr.

Contents banned despite not having sexual contents

“Punni Punni Poemy” is also deceased for its excessive adult content in New Zealand. A lot of Anime series is banned in China and Death Note is one of them.

The story of this anime series revolves around young kids for justice and death. However, China government didn’t like the contents of mental harassment and later gave a ban on it.

This show is cute from the characters’ side and represents each character as a country. However, the entire show isn’t banned but a certain character gets down from the show in North Korea. Pokemon also gets a red light in Saudi Arabia as the country thinks that the game is a kind of gambling.

List of Anime Series that are banned in different countries

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And the last Anime series to get banned is the “Attack on Titan” in China. Fans are amazed that the series was in the banned list due to explicit contents. An enormous monster eats up humans as a feast. And also it tries to oppose the authorities between Japan and China.

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