Liverpool fans celebrate all-out to be compared to Man City’s fans

Liverpool fans celebrate all-out to be compared to Man City's fans

Liverpool fans are some of the more passionate fans of the world. And so the Champions League victory for the reds after the heartbreaking loss in 2018 final to Madrid. Jurgen Klopp marked a new strategy to counter any previous season issue and Liverpool went all the way with a 2-0, win over Tottenham Hotspur this time on Sunday.

Jubilant Liverpool fans parade on the roads

In incredible scenes, Liverpool fans paraded on the road a la Manchester City fans. As many as an unbelievable 7,50,000 fans filled the streets of Liverpool. The Champions League win has given happiness to millions.

Liverpool win 2-0

Liverpool finally won in 4th attempt. Image: AP

Jurgen Klopp was as emotional as any fan out there. After losing three finals under him, one could feel what it must mean to him. “I cannot really describe it because I cried a little bit as well because it’s so overwhelming what the people are doing,” Jurgen Klopp said in a statement on the club website.

Fans make celebrations worth the wait

The victory is tasting all the sweeter after three heartbreaking Finals defeats under Klopp. Also, there was the heartbreak of not getting the Premier League title after being so close with 97pts.

Manchester City fans after winning paraded the street around Etihad. A video emerged on the internet shows Reds not only emulating the City parade but comfortably outnumbering it.

But really, 100,000 fans is a good number for Man City’s parade. But Liverpool fans just dwarfed them with a whopping 7,50,000. Football is indeed a religion in Liverpool.

The difference also comes down to a passionate fanbase which City has always struggled to build.  And to be honest, there are not a lot of Options for Liverpool fans. The only team around them doing well is Liverpool and they would choose them any day.

“This team is really doing so well and if you are a young kid which team would you support?” Klopp said.

A religious fanbase is built after years of rich winning history. Truly it has been able to create one and City may find an inspiration to play harder there. Because who knows one day City fans just manage to emulate Liverpool’s.

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