Liverpool vs Barcelona: Liverpool Finally Returns to Final

Liverpool vs Barcelona: Liverpool Finally Returns to Final

Finally. Liverpool vs Barcelona ended with Liverpool defeating Barcelona with 4-0 at Anfield and 4-3 aggregate to reach the CLF (Champion league final).

Liverpool vs Barcelona

The only team in the history of competition who has come back even after three-goal down in the first leg of the semi-final. Liverpool took a lead with the help of Divock Origi.

In Liverpool vs Barcelona, Barcelona had such a great loss in championship history because of Liverpool. Liverpool who was even defeated in the first leg of this series by a score 3-0 and again come up with the hope. They then beat Barcelona and it’s a great victory for them.

Liverpool vs Barcelona: Liverpool Finally Returns to Final

Liverpool’s Manager also asked all the team fans to turn this event into a great party. He encouraged all the players so effectively by saying no matter you win or lose we will still celebrate.

After the great loss of Barcelona in Liverpool vs Barcelona, the fans are very sad. Barcelona season started 10 months ago with the captain Lionel Messi on the field at Camp Nou. There is a tradition that the captain of the team will give an address on the eve of the campaign. As captain is Messi so that is his role.

Last Year’s Captain Statement

Liverpool vs Barcelona: Liverpool Finally Returns to Final

All the team member thought he will say the same that he used to. But he said something different other than the usual statements. At first, he made a vow, then he said –  in the last year, Barcelona had also won the domestic double but fallen by the wayside in the champions league in the quarterfinal against Roma. He also added that they would do anything that is needed to achieve that glorious trophy.

We are sad to say that Barcelona season has ended on this Tuesday night. After that defeat, all the players are extremely sad and it will take time to heal the defeat and to overcome the pain.

All the thanks goes to Divok Origi, the man behind the victory of Liverpool. Origi took the clever corner and kicked the ball in the goal post that made them winners.



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