Logitech Harmony Express universal remote with Alexa can control every electronics

Logitech Harmony Express is a sleek remote
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Logitech Harmony Express is a voice remote that has built-in Alexa. Moreover, anyone can control it easier for their home entertainment. Read this article to find out more.

Detail information about Harmony Express

Logitech’s Harmony Express contains some of the best features. All you have to do is just press and ask the remote to stream apps1, find out when your favourite team is playing, go to your favourite channels, and much more.

Logitech Harmony Express is one of the newest devices in Harmony line. According to the sources, it is more streamlined and easier to use than Logitech’s other remotes. However, if you don’t want remotes that follows voice command, then you can opt for other options like Harmony Elite.

Price of Logitech Harmony Express remote

The cost of the Harmony Express remote is $250. It is a bit pricey but really worth it. Apart from that, if you have multiple devices to control in your home theatre or living area, then this remote is perfect for you.

Logitech’s new $250 Harmony Express remote puts Alexa in control from logitechharmony

Features of the Logitech Harmony Express

Gone are the days when people had to press various buttons to activate certain features. Logitech’s Harmony universal remotes can not only control your home theatre, but also your small devices.

You can find a MicroUSB port on the back of the device. The big circular button can be used as a directional pad to activate Alexa.

Logitech Harmony Express Remote from SAtechnews

Design of Logitech Harmony Express

Logitech’s Harmony Express is a sleek Alexa-powered universal remote from Engadget

The Harmony Express comes in a sleek design. Besides, it consists of parts – the Harmony Blaster, which is a disc-shaped device kept near the TV and the remote. Likewise, the remote uses infrared signalling to interact with your devices. Check out The Geek Herald for more exciting updates.

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