Loot Boxes and Pay to Win Micro-Transactions Banned by US Senator

Finally! US Senator Ban The Loot Boxes and Pay to Win Microtransactions

Loot Boxes and pay to win micro-transactions have become a new trend and almost all the video games have it as a part of their schemes. Recently, US Senators introduced a billing name The Protecting Children from Abusive Games Act. This bill bans the Loot boxes and pays to win micro-transaction schemes in all video games that are played by the kids who are under age or 18.

Hawley said – while developing a game, developer’s shouldn’t enable monetize option if the game is designed for the kids who are under 18. And if the children are playing the game who is designed for adults so they should be walled-off from impulsive transactions. Any developer will be punished if they exploit these rules.

But what is the purpose of this Bill?

Finally! US Senator Ban The Loot Boxes and Pay to Win Microtransactions

US Senators introduces a bill which bans on pay to win microtransactions

If the games are targeted to those who are under eighteen, then these would be determined by visual matter. Moreover subject matter and check other indicators will also help in determining this. It would help to prevent Pay to win micro-transactions schemes.

A very popular game, Call of Duty is mainly made for kids who are seventeen or older in the US. And this Bill is for those games who are targeting kids under 18 so this game could be one of them and could be affected. But till now we can’t say anything.

However, this bill would now affect many popular games with whom kids are very addicted, Games like Fortnite, Blizzard’s Overwatch, Apex, Fifa, etc.

And during the conference “Senator Hawley” give an example of the very famous Mobile game “Candy Crush”. This game is owned by Activision Blizzard.

Finally! US Senator Ban The Loot Boxes and Pay to Win Microtransactions

This is a popular mobile game which was used as an example while talking about micro-transaction

From the last many years, micro-transaction has been a major issue in video games. Almost every game comes with this concept. People started to react against this concept after EA Star Wars Battlefield II. When this game became a controversial topic for charging money to win features across the board.

Pay to win micro-transactions banned: Conclusion

FTC even started an investigation into loot boxes and plan to organize a hearing with game developers and community member. So they can discuss more loot boxes and find a way to move forward.








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