Lost In Space Season 2 Trailer Out: What to Expect from the Second Season?

lost in space season 2

Lost In Space Season 2 is all set to come out this December with all a number of new twists and turns that will excite the viewers. The first season offered the users with a rather unique concept showcasing a family drama in a science fiction setting. This coming together of two genres was widely appreciated and the second season will carry the story of the Robinson family forward.

Lost In Space Season 2: Story to Continue from Season 1

The lovely couple of Lost In Space and their 3 children seems to have become a major reason for concern because of the cliffhanger ending of season 1.

In season 1 of Lost In Space, they were sent on a space mission with the aim of joining a colony of the Alpha Centauri. However, the family failed in this task. as their spacecraft went off-course.

Fate seems to have a different plan as they landed on an unknown planet. Surrounded by an unfamiliar environment, the family takes the help and shelter offered by an alien Robot family. As they try to cope and adjust in the mysterious new world, they encounter a lot of dangers. Once things begin to get smooth, the robot aliens suddenly vanish! This is where the story of Lost in Space Season 2 will also continue.

lost in space season 2

Lost In Space Season 2: Trailer

Lost In Space Season 2 seems to dedicate to the search of this loyal friend. The trailer of Lost In Space Season 2 unveiled how the family strive tirelessly to find their robot. The clip is aptly titled as “Have you seen my Robot?” Will is confident about finding Robot, for he is sure that he is out there somewhere.

Cast and Release date

lost in space season 2

Lost In Space Season 2 will hold all of the original cast and crew while any new addition seems to have been avoided. The season is set to premiere on 24th December and since its coming back on Netflix all episodes will drop at once.

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