Lucifer a Fifth and Final season : Tom Ellis reacts to Netflix’s decision

Lucifer a Fifth and Final season : Tom Ellis reacts to Netflix's decision

The F-bomb free Lucifer’s fourth season was premiered on Netflix just last to last month. Since its last episode got aired fans were on a hellish ride anxiously anticipating its return. June 6th brought what could be considered as a piece of bittersweet news for all Lucifer fans.

Lucifer is honoured with a fifth and final season

Lucifer would be honoured with a fifth. However, the bitter part is the announcement of its impending end. This season would be the end of Lucifer. Lucifer had ended previously after its third season after a surprising cancellation on Fox.

However, fans save the series campaign caught Netflix’s attention and came for rescue.

Lucifer is basically an American television series which premiered on Fox on 25th January 2016. The series was developed by Tom Kapinos. Its concept is based on the Vertigo Comics series of the very same name. Lucifer is the story of a titular fallen angel who abandons Hell so as to enjoy living amongst humans. He runs a nightclub in Los Angeles, while also acts as a consultant for LAPD.

While announcing the news about the fifth and final season of Lucifer Netflix shared a video of Tom celebrating Lucifer’s comeback. Tom Ellis, engulfed by euphoria could be seen celebrating Lucifer’s renewal with some good-spirited screams in the video which ended in the words “ see you in Hell.”

Tom Ellis reacts to Netflix's decision of giving Lucifer a fifth and final season

Lucifer’s final season announced by Netflix
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The announcement was followed by Tom Ellis message for his fans. Joe Henderson announced in a recent interview that the first scene of the fifth season of Lucifer had been shot. He said

We even have the first scene [of Season 5], which is one of my favorite things we’ve ever come up with.”

What this season might hold for us

Season 4 ended with Tom’s decision to return to Hell, so as to keep the demons in check. For only an angel can command the demons residing in Hell. Lucifer’s absence in Hell had given them quiet unacceptable leeway and they had started breaking into the earth in the 4th season.

Tom Ellis reacts to Netflix's decision of giving Lucifer a fifth and final season

Lucifer is back for the last time to give you a ride through hell
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Despite his deep desires of staying on earth Lucifer did what was best and took the most difficult choice of returning back. The 4th season had ended with Lucifer atop his throne in Hell.

So what this new season will hold for us is a complete mystery. However, IIdy Mondrovich said in an interview that they would try to ping the show in a completely different direction. Since no premiere date has been announced fans have decided to settle in for a long wait.

Let’s hope the last season would be the best. Check out The Geek Herald for more exciting updates.

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