Lucifer Season 4: A hot and sizzling teaser reveals the premiere date of season 4


On the 8th of May, the fourth season of Lucifer is scheduled to hit the screens. Netflix revealed the news on Tuesday with a really hot and engulfing video. This features Ellis emerging out of the swimming pool. After the third season, Lucifer was cancelled by the Fox.

In the third part, the detective Chloe Decker is finally reached to a point where she is making realizations. This happens after Lucifer sees his face for the first time.

A glance at the past:

In the fourth season, Lucifer will still freak out on the discovery of Chloe. But the fans must know that he will be facing a new kind of challenge that will reach him in the form of Eve. The tricky part lies when Lucifer will again have to figure out what she wants.

A hot video reveals the premiere date of Lucifer 4

Lucifer in the last season.

Does she wish to have an act of revenge or has the wish to have the Golden Eden? The reason may also be something very different from these. But a part of all these things, Ellis quite has no doubt on this show is the best one in comparison to all the others.

Statement of Ellis:

He says that he has no doubt and has full faith in the potential of the show. He says that this season has faced a lot of problems. How far the shooting is concerned, they had to deal with a lot. But putting up with all those things, they advanced the story in the best way that someone can literally do.

Lucifer is a devil everyone knows but there is a lot that everyone would know in this season. The premieres are on the 8th of May. The fans have started showing their excitement about the matter. The show is perfectly a hit with the sizzling video.

Watch Lucifer Season 4 Teaser here:

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