Wait for Lucifer Season 4 is over as Netflix has announced the release date

Lucifer's Season 4

The question on everyone’s mind is when will Lucifer Season 4 be added on Netflix. Netflix will stream all the episodes on May 8. So fans will get a good memorable summer.

The official stream is just a week away. It will be added to the Netflix family exactly at 12:01 a.m. It is the timing every Netflix user is aware of. All the movies, series and every segment is added at this time only. This information will be new for the subscribers who turned up to Netflix just for Lucifer.

Lucifer Season 4: Time of stream in various time zones

The time of the stream is different for different time zones. Some updates about the stream timing of Lucifer around the globe are:

  • West Coast: 12:01 a.m. PT.
  • Central: 2.a.m. CST.
  • UK: 8 a.m. BST.
  • Spain: 9 a.m. CEST.
  • Hawaii: 9 p.m. HST (May 7).
  • Australia: 6 p.m. ACT.
  • Japan: 5 p.m.
Lucifer's Season 4

Lucifer’s Season 4
Source: TV Line

One thing is for sure, no fan will have to wait for the episodes. Netflix will release all the episodes at once. Viewers will experience no suspense as entire Lucifer Season 4 will be added at once.

Fans are crazy enough to watch all the ten episodes on a single day. This is made possible by Netflix. The trailer is already available to boost the excitement.

Lucifer Season 4 air date announced by Netflix

The trailer of Lucifer Season 4
Source: Dead Entertainment

This season is full of thrill with the Devil back in his avatar. This time he is having more mates with fewer boundaries. This time there will be endless fun with more fight and more seduction.

Every fan is making their theory of what could or what should happen. As already stated, the mystery unfolds in a week. The promos have received lots of love already.

For the fans, it is recommended to stay away from social media. The wait for the newest season should not be spoiled.

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